Local Psychiatrist Partners with Dallas Businesses to Help Others Find Purpose

A local psychiatrist is hoping to motivate others to find their purpose and is teaming up with local businesses to make it happen. Dr. David Henderson is a local psychiatrist at Four Stones Collaborative Group, and has created 30 videos to be released in May regarding various mental health topics.

Called Psyched30, the videos are meant to be watched in order over the course of a month, and part of the program is to respond to five to seven prompt questions in the journal and reflect about what they want in life, and then make plans to achieve those goals. The videos are short three to five minute spots shot in various locations around Dallas, and focus on a psychological theme of the day.

The videos tell fictional stories that are meant to help others find out what they want to do in life, especially when they feel lost and are in transition, such as finishing school or ending up in a dead end job. They will be accompanied by 30 launch parties at each of the locations where the movies were shot, which includes 1900 Pacific, Circo Dallas, The Library at the Warwick Hotel, Magnolias Sous le Pont, Bam Beauty Bar, Dallas Glass Art, and Octagon MMA.

Henderson is also offering coffee and counseling forums where he will set up at local coffee shops and be available to talk about mental health.

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