illustration by Edwin Fotherinham

Home Trend: Luxurious Loo

Feeling flush? Here’s the cool commode you need now.

Life just got a lot easier with Toto’s Neoerest 600, the first “aware of you” toilet. Special motion sensors detect when you near, and voilà! It opens. When you are finished with your business, the lid closes. But at $5,000, you need more than a commode that opens and closes on demand. No problem. This thing is heated, sprays a comfort wash with temperature and pressure control, and offers adjustable spray and precision target cleansing. There’s also an oscillating cleanse and even a built-in, warm-air dryer and a purifying system. The cleansing wand self-sanitizes after every use. “Everyone talks about the toilet,” Virginia Cook agent Lydia Player says of her $8,750,000 listing on Armstrong Avenue. It may be the one time that potty language is perfectly acceptable.


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